summary: Germany deprives the Syrians of their children.

This article (by: Diala Jouma) treats Obstacles that the German authorities put in front of the Syrian refugees who wish to return to their country, as it allows the father and mother to rescind asylum , But refuses their children to do the same and allow them to travel with their parents to their homeland.

The writer met several Syrian refugee families in Germany suffering from this problem. Syrian Mohammed (from the countryside of Aleppo) wants to return to his country and the German authorities prevent him from taking his children. "The German authorities refused to allow my children to return with me to my country," said Mohammed,( 64 years old).

Riyad Saad Eddin (Rif Idlib) says: "These are strange laws?, is it reasonable to ask a 12-year-old child if he wants to return home with his family and then deprive his family of him if they decide to return home?".

Many families secretly escaped from Germany because of these laws. and returned homeland.

*- Full text is in Arabic.

Translated by: Nawal AlKadi

Syrian Women Observatory