A discussion between Al-kadi and Akkash about Rights of Syrian Women

The Judge Sahar Akkash, Assistant Minister of Media, said that the syrian covernment is going to make amendments to laws relating to the rights of women and children, Including the project of law about Child Protection.

The Judge expected that Child Protection Bill is To be issued soon.

Whilst, Bassam Al-kadi, Director of the "Syrian Women Observatory", said that, the Personal Status Laws object the independence and citizenship of syrian womens, and make women's lives a hostage in men's hands. He also said that, government was "discussing" Modification of laws along time ago, with no result.
That was an interview between Al-kadi and Akkash on Syrian radio (melody fm), about Rights of Syrian Women.

* - Attached interview audio recording is available in Arabic only (24/4/2017).

Translated by: Nawal AlKadi

Syrian Women Observatory