Every honor crime from father, brother, or any other person from the family is a crime from the first degree; and there is no entrusted person in putting penalty except the state and law; they are the arbiters.

Every doer of any honor crime, claimer honor revenge, is a killer and a perverted and we should cultivate him. Also every mistaken woman is responsible in cultivation herself.
Firstly we must ask why the girl reaches to this? And who is the responsible? Who will cultivate: the mistaken reason or the mistaken him/her self? So that Syrian penal code should be amending to be the honor crime considered as a first-degree crime. The law should punish it as any other murder crime without looking to reasons. Nobody is curator of anybody else. Prophet Muhammad put off an adulteress to next 6 months, then to next 2 years to stay at home; but then she returned back to him and said: take penalty on me Muhammad (and he was the law-maker), so he said you came to ask the penalty, and you rule yourself on yourself. Then he didn’t ask anybody to rule except him/her self.
The woman judged herself, not the law or prophet or companions. Also when the prophet sent his companion Muaaz to judge himself when he committed adultery, and felt stoning strength and pains, he run away. Prophet shouted at them: may you leave him to run with his penalty, and ask God to forgive him? So after prophet saying, is there anyone allows himself to be judge the others? God doesn’t allow anybody kills other, so who allows himself to de lower on honor crimes? Every honor killer is a doer to his appetites, not to God’s law and ethical. Islamic law doesn’t allow people to kill each other; but to the judge with witnesses not just in one’s suspicion. All of us know the story of Omar with adulterer and adulteress.
Are the people whom seemed honors and goods know their faults and hardness? Do they settle themselves of what they do secretly or openly? Or the manhood faults have another understood? Do the women whom “penalty and killing” be on them make wrong on purpose? Or wronged because their society position, or without intention or determination? So we, without our positions or religion cultures, ask to try again in put a new law of honors crimes, and take deceive decisions which prevent society from this departing which the bad old habits are the reason of what we have and it is not from great Muhammad thoughts. He was who said in his last speech: will good to women.
Is it possible to kill according to word, suspect, or killing according to traditions; and we whom have Muhammad as an example? All of us from Adam, and Adam from dust. I ask to respect our Islamic law. Islam is the only religion put conditions to adultery; also it is impossible to find 4 witnesses seeing the doing.

Intrvew by: Waddah MoheyEldein
Translated by: Rola Abdoush


Syrian Women Observatory (SWO), Al-sheikh Dr. Ahmad Bader Al-Deen Hassoon, republic legal opinion: Syrian penal code should be amending, Translated by: Rola Abdoush, 26/9/2005