Huda Abu Assali. Perhaps it was her fate to be the flame of launching a scream that was delayed for a very long time. But she is not the only one that was slaughtered by the backwardness knife, or shot by masculinity bullets. Additionally, Sweida is not the only region that is (used to) kill women.

A short time ago a young women was slaughtered in Homs! And a few months ago a girl of eleven years was killed in Al-Ghab! A lot of stories that are covered with both people and officials silence! And the victim is always the same: Woman!
Always, by different ways and under different excuses, Article 548 of the Penal Law, and Articles 239 – 242 (see those articles below) of the same law will spread their hands to release the killer in few months that are very rare to exceed the number of one hand fingers, instead of letting him to spend his natural punishment.
It is honor once, anger rage once and sectarian sensibility once! But it is young women blood that is spilled in vain by killers who should have no other fate but killers’ fate.
It is the time to say: No for women killing crimes in our country! No for mitigating the killer punishment, whatever his excuses are!
We are not going to be first in this field. Tunisia has outstripped us and deleted the article concerned in honor crimes. Not only that, it developed a text stipulating that the punishment will be harder if the husband is the killer due to the marriage relationship! Jordan made the same as well!
Let us just now say: No! for the Article 548,239,240,241,242 of the Syrian Penal Law! No! for acquitting the criminal killers! Yes! for the just punishment without any mitigation or excuses!
Life is a right sanctified by all divine and secular canons, as well as, all human rights charters and constitutions; so, let us scream loudly:
To the Ministry of Justice and the People’s Assembly: Repeal the mentioned above Article!
To all clergymen of all religions and sects: all religions forbidden killing; so be tolerance and justice men and issue your Fatwas to the common that killing for honor or sectarian reasons is forbidden!
To all judges and layers: Don’t tolerate with the women killer whatever their excuses are!
To any intellectual whatever his field is: Put your sword on this backwardness neck!
To every citizen in this country: By faithful to the womb that bore you and say No to the killers whatever their sects or motives are.
Say your opinion even if it is few words, add your name now and share us.
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