Islam says that who kills souls, as if he kills all people; and there is nothing called honored crimes, and those who commit that have not mind, honor or religion.

This type has three clear legal violations, and each one is from the biggest.

First: it is a proof to the penalty without legal intention or evidence.
It is knowing that the legal proof needs four witnesses in harm conditions make impossibility to proving this kind of crimes through evidence.

Second: dictum means put penalties through persons, and this calls sin in legal. So it is not legal to make penalty except through the legal persons.

Third: killing Muslim without proof. Prophet Muhammad said: “if anyone destroys ‘Kabaa’ stone by stone is easier to God from killing believer”.

The clause “584” from penal code says to ignore this legal item and chooses to compliment the underdevelopment and the far from religion. So it dictates to give permission to killers if they have their reasons.

And it is really a dissent to law’s responsibility, which must lead people to moral values and legal laws according to the clear clauses.

I assure here that I am with cancellation this subject totally; it has legal dissent when it distinguish between man and woman in punishment, it makes man, who sees wife or sister in this bad doing, kills her taking forgiveness (due) from law.

And these distinguish between man and woman in punishment is against Islamic law and no jurists said about this distinguish.

So, I believe cancellation this clause is closer to Islamic law and obligation.

Translated by: Rola Abdoush

Syrian Women Observatory SWO, Dr. Muhammad Habash, parliament’s member, and the Islamic studies boss in Damascus: whose commits these crimes have not minded, honor or religion, 2005