Colleague "We are all partners" published a dialogue with d.r Muhammad Habash, a member of the Parliament, President of the Islamic Studies Center, as follows some of the dialogue regarding women's issues and children ..

Dr. Muhammad Habash Said: now we have several bills enacted think ... First: With regard to Syrian women, where there have been attempts in the legislative role VIII (the latest) must continue to address women's issues and in particular to redress "absolute Syrian," Islamic jurisprudence did justice to divorced women and spent it the home, but unfortunately, the personal status law and chose to view one of Islamic jurisprudence, has spent divorced women the home or that only between divorced, I mean women delivered after 6 months, such as women fired after 30 years ... He emphasized: that this injustice.
He added: the absolute must have lived if lifetime with her husband right in addition offenders who benefit from the wealth it is also part of what has been accomplished so in material terms.
He regretted that the personal status law did not heed to this distinction and only one option in Islamic jurisprudence.
He continued: Syrian women married to a non-Syrian man ... The right to request their nationality to their children ... Unfortunately, the law does not give the right of Syrian women married to a man- non Syrian ... This is a mistake.
He added: We have interest in a number of draft laws in the framework of the attention "the divorced Syrian" ... Within the marriage contract itself, there be conditions in the marriage contract has defined women's rights that can be collected.
He stressed that there should be human attention.
He added: we have the honor ... There were attempts to amend it according to law and we believe that with His Eminence the Mufti of the Republic believes that the law is contrary to law, like that make it more conducive to justice and to eliminate the excuse of excuses for the killings in Syria and we know that what is happening in crimes of the country designated as "honor crimes" These criminals may not deterred them laws, but in any case the law must be fair.

Dr. Muhammad Habash, 28/9/2007, ("We are all partners" dialogue member of the Parliament d.r Muhammad Habash)
Translated by: Mayssoun Haddad