This is not a joke,they have really bound Thawra Syrian newspaper in 4/6/2007,under a title “Not maternity .. Not .. For married life” in categorical assurance that carries the slightest doubt.

There is no need to discuss, from the media hostile to women's rights and issues!there is no important Here, the fact that the writer is a woman! The issue, as we always Believe,not a “woman issue” or “ man issue” But is the issue of community first, Is the culture of masculinity borne almost the same as women carrying a male.
Our Colleague (Hind Bouzo),the journalist in “AlThawra” news , today is one of those women! Simply, without any trouble,the ms who briefed The secret documents of the United Nations,decides, , Thatthe Commission of United Nations, Identified the year /2015/ the final date for launching the sexual freedom of women in the Arab and Islamic states "?
How so? ! What is this document? Or the draft document? Minutes of the meeting record! Nobody knows.. she doesn’t find the need to mention anything about documenting this document and totally ignored that the United Nations documented every word, including drafts debate,in a series of numbers and dates! In fact, our colleague could not remember it .. Regrettably! ! What she said, only one of two things, both worse than others:
*- - Either she doesn’t know what she is talking about,in this case, we can only put dozens of signs and exclamation questions, Then, unfortunately, we invite her to seriously consider continuing to press action. At least not until they apply those "paper diabolical." Targeting at promoting freedom of sex "for women in the Arab and Islamic states"! These "document" names is known for all except mrs Bouzo,is: Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, known as a short All-CEDAW. Even she denied that it is this document. The document obliges the signatory States, and Syria signed confirmation of the support in the media, it takes just mean supporting Madam! But the most dangerous in this area such that the Convention aims to ensure the right action for women (mean you, Madam)
According efficiency and equal wages for men in the same work Prevent discrimination (mean against you, Madam) Because of Sex, and ensuring that women are exposed to ) Any sexual harassment at work…… In addition to a series of other safeguards which, according your Theory mme to “Spreading sexual freedom for women in the Arab and Islamic states”
Which means, simply, that you target for this more than others, , Because you work very in the area is one of the most serious in this area, because what is required of the movement and the search and enter the dark and dangerous areas and working in offices may be closed and attend the meetings may not be forbidden Here………………
However, you can, if you need to work and get out of the house, that immegrat to a non-Arab country And non-Muslim, such as South Africa, for example, or Thailand, or Buff Islands, where those targeted “Committee Diabolical” That fell short of the entire interest in the alleged Ms. Buzu forgot that the most important name in women's issues (allegedly coincidence name : the Beijing! Call Abstracts by, coincidentally also, and curriculum decisions Beijing! The other names such as Copenhagen example ), shortened attention to the whole "women in the Arab and Islamic states"!
- As a complement to the options of the reasons what Mrs. Hind Buzu, published below, that Ms. Buzu well known fact that do not need to search and screening, although no search and screening (of the kind not done by Mrs. Buzu) it might be very useful for women in Hanoi, and women in Paris, and women in Washington, DC……………
Much less than what would be beneficial for women in Damascus, in Cairo, Tehran and Islamabad, where women are still significantly lower than the level achieved by women in those places as persons and citizens than it is in other countries. . !
If they know "the truth", which many We claim evidence does not need to install only highlighted and discussed in the pages of tawra newspaper articles about the same Ms. Buzu, which spent years and years in the writing press releases, behind heal what is behind permission!
What motivated you, Madam? ! Why your appears, and even formulate your article, very different from what we knew Kelmk? Why article that appeared as if overcome, however, Ms. Hind Buzu? Or if it took in her pen but not her heart nor brain? Of course, here we are not hitting the sand… As we said, it needs only to a quick comparison of your articles with which we are familiar, If, why Finds yourself compelled to reinvent papers and documents imaginary Topete "your view"? ! Is it because the papers and documents that already exist are totally incompatible with Adaratovsk? ! Do you not Dare to discuss these papers and documents that already exist? ! Or Is it may not?
If you do not Dare, this is normal. Fear is an essential part of life, but is one of the most important motives for the development rights as a whole. If you do not may, we can help you easily. We have a lot of papers and documents, studies and articles .. From ordinary people and Interested people and specialists from the University of doctors, researchers and officials .. A section of the colleges and universities .. All knew how can one (but not for women!) To discuss and argue on the basis of sound scientific mentality.
But, regardless of the reasons, the attitude Madam made life miserable for yourself just a few extra words in your article where you say, how able these conclusions strange strange :
- "Draft which will become legally punish countries that violated"! Where is this draft? Why contains exactly (and hints marks)? According any item where punish countries that break the law, which will become? ! Fortunately, the text of the Convention me now .. Unfortunately, I had not find any article refers, in a way, to what you say? Even Article 29 of them (an article by conservative from the Syrian government, the right of reservation to this article guaranteed by the Convention itself in the same article, in its second, and this really strange!) , Does not speak any form of "punishment". . All say that "submitted to arbitration of any dispute between two or more States Parties concerning the interpretation or application of this Convention which can not be settled through negotiations, based on one of these states" ..!
In fact, Ms. Buzu talking about another document .. The document was concocted Brain .. But no one from the Abu invented it .. This "single" no secret .. But he replied that these views declare Netanyahu .. And perhaps, just perhaps, if it was within the Syrian delegation, the government presented the national report to the International Commission in "America", and discussed and argued (and appreciate that very much, whether we disagree and we agreed with what he said) .. Since it was "hidden", which used to the "appearance" in the recent period, had "passed" what passed .. But : the necessities of provisions!
- ".. Shoulder ideas more hawkish than in European countries such as .. (.. not motherhood .. not for married life)"! Good : let me Challenge publicly Madam, a man refuses control masculine recognized and permitted by society, and rejects, and proudly boasted Bergeaulth, "those privileges male endorsement that it is still animal in the jungle", which , ie control and privileges, which just happened to the blessings of you going in there and loved and I desire, the woman is anxious to "the stomach, which produced prophets"! , and lost all keen on the "rights" that it Ould all prophets, and has left all of us, and for the most cited, for which all suffered multiple what Nith and Aaniteh : Give one sentence in any of United Nations documents, whatever the status of the document, saying, in any way forms, and any wording, and in any language spoken or Extinct : No maternity .. Not for married life? ! May I say again? Not quite : This is a challenge I put to you publicly, and you press not long ago known little .. For what you dream of day and night to be part of that we have : the newspaper paper height and supply!
Conversely, when filling racks full of documents which confirms the desire of the United Nations to "motherhood and childhood" and "family" and "morality" and "sexual relations unilateralism" and ...
- "Considering that the marital relationship existing in the Arab States (just rape)"! Will not say what must be said here, out of respect for yourself and your family. But I can not congratulate you on your ability to play the distinctive words! Thus became "condemn marital rape" meant, in your language : "marital relationship existing in the Arab States (just rape)! Do you know? Even geniuses couses in graphic digital can not manipulate pictures whenever you manipulated the words! With , was about why you from saying openly that you are spousal rape? ! Why do not you say that you do not publicly Object exercise husband has sex with his wife whenever I desire, even if the sick, sleeping, tired, unwilling even .. if they had been five minutes ago, so long that I desire? ! Why not you say also, in keeping with the context, and in line with the reality that they oppose it and oppose it Convention : you with the waves and would verbally abuse her and aggressively fingertips bed and then dismember her clothes and rapes her on a mattress did not appear in the form of gold wedding, but clearly in the eyes of unhealthy image capture time venue not even dreamed of paper birds and beauty and his Romans? !
This actually your right! We know that many women hold this view, in addition to a lot of men! And also this right. But the lowest rank of credibility (and you should know that you are ex press) says that we must not turn to tell you what it! But mustsay it .. why you escap to accusations of this kind? Did not you say explicitly : Yes beaten wives! Yes raped! Yes, the denial of inheritance! Yes to divorce without any penny and Aims in the street! Yes to deprive women of Syrian nationality! Yes discrimination in the work .. Sorry! Did we discrimination at work? ! Strange! Do you think this? This means you, Madam, it is entitled to a journalist started work yesterday, to be your boss, regardless of their talents and skills to simply "mentioned"! .. And that you should .. Departs, if allowed, as "men's work"! Alice "men's work" is all that requires mixing and get a lot of house ..? ! Six press? ! But that requires your prepare workshop ending on the 10th night? Do not require you to achieve to park where children slept addiction and homelessness (who happens to play the devil's mind each nation Frey raped before his eyes, and his father before ..!) ? ! So what if attitude in this work? !
- "Without going into the reasons for the failure of this resolution or report or draft"! Why not discuss Madam? Why not let us know causes failure? ! Hopefully we can learn and invest in times to come boosting these reasons, in any "legitimate" new targeted "release sexual freedom for women in the Arab and Islamic states"? ! But, also, we are working to conceal these reasons for not "Arab and Islamic states" because, or so it Thus, the fate of hell and good riddance? ! Why not go deep where you say, we are the ones who have faced this document and Failed
It so we honor and pay tribute to them? ! If this is, as you say, these were the greats more than half of Brand greats in the entire 20th century ..
Perhaps there is good reason for your Refrain from going into the reasons. It is very simple. The whole story fabricated .. The story does not possess the minimum as a mark of the themes of expression, for the very simple reason as well : it is anti-humanity (They are in contradiction with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), which is hostile to the constitution which equated the citizens (male and female), and contrary to all religions, which rejected violence strongly even those that were, at that time, is necessary or that so much! But, unfortunately, they also run strongly with no minimum secretariat of the press!
"We note that this document is a call for homeless children live without family"! Oh the horror! Imagine with Ms. Buzu : The United Nations is such a document, "singled text," the Arab and Muslim countries! Those countries that have agreed to "document" (again named Madam Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Convention known to shorten the name, and copies are available in several places, and we extending many copies of Forms Printing The electronic multiple), the reservation or another, failed miserably to detect the size of the conspiracy on their (ourselves by saying that it "failed"! It is not "conspired"!) . Oh the horror .. Dozens of Syrian ministries involved, in one way or another, in the preparation of the national report on what has been achieved in the area of application of this "document", and dozens of university teachers, and dozens of activists and activists, and even a formal body of the Ministry called "Syrian Body for Family Affairs," Olgua in this "conspiracy despicable" and execution for the legalization of "sexual freedom" of Syrian women! In order to see the Syrian women "engaged in sex in the streets" (translation process of inter Macedonia, which literally sentence uttered by Dr. famous at a symposium held two years ago!) !
Sorry again .. Do I said, "Olgua"? ! Good Madam .. Since you have not Make Effort yourself that the characters of any subject related to this "conspiracy", we expect you make any effort to know the meaning of the word. Therefore, allow me to tell you it means : participated and inflated to participate is no longer any logic! You did not tell, is not it? Of course, in agreement with the disappearance of the ideas behind accuse others, the manner in which you did, we assume they all were "ignorant" .. Even they did not know what "digging" them .. Except if you mean that they all signed the Convention (and once again called Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, known to shorten Cedaw), and brought a special chapter in the tenth five-year plan, and hold conferences for the inclusion of these rights in curricula and the media (excluding your articles course), and acting exercises and workshops with various .. If you mean that they have done everything, "to fail those conspiracy" from the inside! ! If so .. Forgive me .. Failed vision ..
Another what we have to say, Madam, we are proud to belong to a culture extends deep in the roots of history, culture did not produce prophets, but gave birth to scholars and thinkers, owners of engineering and laws .. Yes .. Laws said to be the first law in the history of mankind ..
But, it is worth woman Media in the 21st century, denies the same recipe racism abhorrent, to accuse people as a whole belong to a culture, "a culture designed to coalesced in shelters"! With science, sociology that talk proved that the accommodation centers is a more humane and civilized, closer to the noble values and ethics, and the divine religions paste or ground .. The "garbage containers" and clay river banks, and Dark areas under bridges, as well .. Most forms of killings and brutality "prevention of shame"!
Yes .. We are a nation .. No charge uprooting lineage only to switch them to "many Mumia" have no place but .. Museum of Ancient History ..!

Bassam AlKAdi, 9/2007, (Our Colleague (Hind Bouzo) discovered ”Confidential documents” at the United Nations against the family in the "Arab and Islamic"Countries!)
Translated by: Mayssoun haddad