And the are imitate that the are encourage the “development work” in Syria and give the declarations about the ”volunteer work” and it’s necessity, importance and encourage!!

And without any drop of sweat on their forehead, they set on the tribune during the lectures and smiling : we have a lot of associations!
Fife association, at one time, received the slap by Alpath Party in Al Swoaidaa" southern of Syria" after it’s agreement for the first time and before the coming out of the “Yellow Document” from that other side according to the “ Emergency Law” and the executive instruction of the bad reputation “Association Law” witch there was a declaration by the social affairs about it’s modernizing at the same time of her talking about a strict association law for the protection of the European from terrorism.
These associations are:
1- The exalted association in Aldoira.
2- The Syrian topographical association.
3- The healthy nurture association.
4- The association of the Dr. Loca Saint.
5- the “Domestic Violence Resistance Association”.
These is the reasons that was shown in the document of the refusing, and it's obvious that her talking (the minister) about the encourage the social work – as she know- is just an ink on a paper and her talking about the civil society which they (the government) insist to call it “ the optimistic society” exactly mean the society that she and the security sides(which is the only side that has the right to give or to take back the license decision ) should get her blessing ..!!
It’s so sorry for us to be oblige to ask:
Why they didn’t try to find more miserable excuses than the mention one, and how did they judge the successful of this association or that, and what do they mean of the expression “social reason “..!!
And did the security sides or the Al Baath Party Branch(who had stopped the license decision after he gave the approval of the license of these fife associations ) have the authority to decide that there is no need to a topographic association and cense when has somebody the right within the Syrian constitution to confiscate the citizen’s rights of lunching association in any specialty field, and what was their criteria of “need” that they depended on.
For the “Domestic Violence Resistance Association” they have refused to give the license because it has the same goals of the” Women’s General Union”
The problem is that the concerned didn’t stop and think that there is no program within the goals of the ” Women’s General Union” about the domestic violence resistance because they don’t even admit of the exist of this problem, and their only search about it came as a result of the pressure of the civil society activities, and sense we have a lack of associations and their activities, we see that the similarity of the goals doesn’t conflict with the Syrian citizens rights of lunching the associations in all their life issues.
Other problem obstruct the civil society activity is that the ” Women’s General Union” which is called “public” it’s just a governmental organization because their locations, transportation, and other costs are all paid by the government, also the other budget that it’s paid by the international organization for supporting the associations activities it’s moved to the Women’s General Union budge across the government.
The Women’s General Union who always seek during the last time to point out that he didn’t monopolize working about
The goals of the “Domestic Violence Resistance Association” was:
1- The development of the women role by the awareness, integrating them in the society, and empower them economically.
2- Resisting the domestic violence and present the social, psychological, and healthy aid and holding a lectures about the Syrian law in general, and the Syrian personal states law particularly.
3- Helping the children who have educational and psychological problems by the coordinate with schools, families and the psychological adviser.
4- Lunching a developing projects to support the poor families who are under the violence.
5- Working to lunch a shelter for the violence victims (children and women) to surpass their problems.
6- Working on the awareness to achieve the motto: smaller family better future by holding a lectures a bout the population, begetting health, and gender.
With according to the leakage information in Al Swoaidaa there was another rezone of the refusing of the license which was "Mrs Rima flaihan" who is a member of " Syrian Women Observatory" and one of the establisher of this association.
It's really funny, and we think that it doesn't deserve any reaction except for our knowledge that some of that was already right, Mrs Rima Fleiham disturbed a certain sides in Al Swoaidaa by her refusing to be a partner in many important corruption issues on a high level in the city, also she refused to be silence on some penetrating in the social working, and the last one, for example, was their" Caracoosh" decision of refusing to receive some contribution (mails, cloths, sweets) for the parentless house association and forbidding the children painting fair which is the activity that she have worked on under the name of "Syrian Women Observatory".
The people who are responsible on that decision, think that their usual styles in making terror would be benefit here, but it's really our pleasure to make them sure (as we always did) and on every occasion that:
This is our country, masters and we'll do our best to develop our society in all levels which we concern about and you can disable us more and more and stop this activity or that, but we don't have any plan to give up both our life or our role in developing our society.
If the "Domestic Violence Resistance Association” was banned because it included Mrs . Rima Flaihan in so the question will be: why they refuse to give the license to the other associations and what is the good rezone will given to us by Dr. Diala Haj Aarif the minister of the social affair ministry.. !?
However, we know that their usual answer, as everybody knows, will be : the "public purpose".

By: Reema Flihan, Bassam Alkadi, 8/10/2007, (For the sporting of the social work in Syria ,at one time, they refuse to give the license for fife associations in Alsowidaa!)
Translate By: Rudaina Haidar,