You will not believe it! But what really happened .. Mysterious Hidden, which on all mirror from his home even saw no point ugly, Extended his Claws again and again! But this time extended to wrestle from the mouths of children orphans sheltered Society social welfare in “Suweida”: Summit bread candy, juice cup, and a piece of clothing!

So yes! Thoroughly! Since we do not find it appropriate here to talk about "stealing smile," where "stolen"of children orphans!
And then to say that this is the mysterious hidden coward too. Now it is not publicly to tell us, or you, or even to himself that he is doing so! Not "reasons" to do so! But resort behind this is that, behind the board of directors or behind the office .. Threatening warned .. He does not care who has never been deprived of interest? As many of which? What concerned him was that really destroys all voluntary work, the cooperation of every community! Even if the Syrian media uproars Conference at the highest levels on "volunteering"! But also very interested, it seems, to be published "frightening" to think seriously of volunteering for the combined! What really care about is that "enjoyed" his accomplishments : We have defeated some 130 children were orphans days will witness beautiful herself in the sad lives! This has deprived them today! It is "proud" so ..
Lunch, a small exhibition of paintings by children endorsed the plan, a new piece of clothing, formed a scourge summoned to cancel an exhibition planned to be in Sunday morning reality in 8/7/2007, in the lobby of the General Welfare in “Suweida”! Cancel (Building for the unknown)? Not God! But answering that reared its head and says Netanyahu, especially publicly! Therefore hid in the back rooms and "assigned" to him speak! The refusal to accept even declare lunch after reaching to the door of the Assembly! So exactly : returned from lunch, a few meters away from children orphaned! ! Lunch fabulous donated by Mr. Karim Shafiq stitches for debt (100) children of the General! Three ear candy (Knafe Nabulsih) donated by Mr. Karim Marwan al-Shami, all rejected after reaching the entrance door! After sniffing orphans odor pure! Those that kill odor that the "mysterious implacable" killed by the smell of tenderness and generosity and sympathy of the men and women who Endosperm did not fail to support this work well, before serving it!
But this is not enough .. But the 125 pieces of clothing had been donated by individuals from various governorates wanted to participate orphans Care Society in“Suweida” special day of joy, and paintings by children in different provinces wish to comment alongside the paintings orphanage children, also refused ! And returned from the door that almost turned into a black section of the black and that the Assembly itself, and the board of directors, had not yet never failed to work tirelessly to ensure the success of this work .. The Assembly lobby, which is now ready to receive any exhibition, having contributed Ms. Hiam decent output, wooden architecture of the founding of the walls to suit, watched it ..
What are we talking about?
We have published articles on the House Special care Orphans showed where the critical situation being experienced, and orphaned children live in this house. We know we are not a charity, and that we can not do much, but we thought, in the observatory women Syria, that we can add a touch and a simple help to improve the situation, which criticized it,our Preferred that we not only criticism, but How immediately to develop simple idea based entirely on "volunteering" which has become a modern day everyone, but the mysterious implacable not kill anything as far as what is murdered people love the smell of them, and cooperation with each other!
Ms. Rima Fleihan, a member of a working group women Syria, which all have witnessed a long history of volunteerism, and absolutely impartial, hastened to put all its potential for drawing smiles, and for one day, on the faces of those children who saw their reality proximity, I felt their suffering, and felt that it could contribute to ignite a candle across one ..
It is door-to-door, from office to office, Ms. Rima hastened to mobilize all possibilities for these small smile .. No surprises us that people, officials and non-officials, traders and ordinary, clergymen and others, away from the theories and theorists allegations of the plaintiffs, away from the halls closed, emblems and recommendations, We are the people who always : people good men do nothing, good people, people who would undoubtedly provide a helping hand for whenever it is available in a simple and clear and true ..
This is the reality, all heard of this project of the folks Suada, and outside, rushed to the possibilities for success ..
The Board of Directors of the Assembly itself, which we have criticized the situation of children orphaned by, and did not welcome the idea, but opening the doors wide for the Assembly without any reservation, for the success of this project volunteerism ..
The Chamber of adult education in the province of Sweida, it may indeed deserve special thanks for the hard work in the education of children who have never caught the brush, color, shape and how to express themselves .. Service Adult Education devoted much of its time as it got the official approval from the preservation ..
Mr. Governor Suweida also did not hesitate in supporting this work through a grant immediate approval to the residence ..
The Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor, and also placed all of its approval soon became maintaining ready ..
However, the unit "mysterious" black ugly head was enacted to serve, at the last moment, as is his custom malicious, the effort everybody, and then smiling yellow smile after being deprived children from lunch, and a candy dish, and a piece of cloth, and the joy their hands painted plates and sees adults seem impressed! !
But not doing so? !
you can smile as much as you want! You can also Cry!
"What can we know what the content of those paintings? ! Perhaps the poisonous ideas or influenced? ! Write us the name of every child making a painting, and the content of the painting, which was painted "! ! This is the "argument",you believe it or not! ! ! !
Really! It outlines what children Endosperm orphanage? Any "poison Ruined" They could paint across their Brushes? ! Any "time bombs" that they can include them in colors that reflected the pain and deprivation in which they live? ! Any evil ulterior Ms. Rima Fleihan, observatory women Syria behind, behind this "strange strange work"? ! No "agents" stand behind our claim? !
Of course, you will say, we "saboteurs" who knew that the orphanage children smile is the "virulent" in the "other"! So not "undertaken truth" known "mysterious" right knowledge, they declared, clear and crystal clear! The Reverse you " Deceived" us! ! However, why do not know, do not say anything publicly! Not published in the media available to him wide or prove anything about the "truth"! Why not do so? Why not show your head and demonstrate publicly, in your name, frankly, what you say?
No, nor will it do so! Simply because you decide unable even to ignore the fact that the observatory women Syria, as a whole Syria's sons, they have much more of the goodness of tons of paper which claims otherwise! Unable to ignore the fact that people in our country great Syria know and practice the "culture of volunteerism" whenever it is true! Undoubtedly not provide all of what they once knew that it would not go to the pockets of guy and that guy! Would not "invest" on this or that manner!
This is "the poison"! And much of this is what we initiated immediately to re-distributed : meals and clothing to other destinations needed, some went to the Greek Orthodox Church, which thankfully has converted to the General Bread for All, which is a charity working to help the poor in the province , and some went to the appointed time replacing religious, and distributed some clothes and meals to poor children marked their presence around here, and others went to the mosque area stoned olives to be distributed to the poor who resort to the Whole ..
True that the "mysterious" succeeded in depriving children of the orphanage Endosperm joy, but failed to deprive other children of a smile .. It is true that he managed this time of the destruction of charitable work done by many people is their only contribution to the building and development of society, but is powerless to destroy each time, unable to stop any of the people on the benevolent attempt once again.
It seems that he does not read, and if he read he didn’t "preserve"! Therefore, we are compelled to tell him again and again : This is our country, and will work for whatever the circumstances and difficulties, whatever you do our work, or even us ..
That our country, we are not prepared to transfer him to you, or to others ..

Bassam alkadi, 4/2007, (Ask them: Who taken the food from the mouths of “Suweida” orphans?!)
Translated by :mayssoun haddad