Yes ! it is our land our country! Which we always we proud of it , which always able to overcome the pitfalls and loopholes occurred in his life ! they are men and women who opened the world¡¦s alphabets ,and paved the ground is a beacon!

Yes ! they are proud of who they are men and women share with one home! One dream with society , free from all forms of violence ! These are the people who now know they are now not only to meet one voice say :
Do not cover any religious crimes of honor ! dose not have any legal cover ! based on the cover of any customs or traditions ! the criminals all their forms and colors and denominated

Yes truly
We lived a very difficult three days in waiting the result of the most important conference in the world ! this is not a metaphor . conference was open to all possibilities including worse,in every moment of moments we look forward to passing words and whispers ,in addition to what is being said, in the hope that is not ¡K..
But it was one of the most happiness moment in life ! and beautifully ! most proud

Here in the last day of the National Meeting on honor crimes and now in this moment when the Recommendation were read we did not just taken the breath but also we witnessed the raise of the sun we proud of it and we drew it as an honor will be lastedƒn
Handed over your handes !peace not sufficient to satisfy only be worthy of belonging to humanity , to citizenship, to religion
In our name

¡§Syria women observatory¡§ and on behalf pf thousand of women and men who lived hard times and are working day and night to detect the cover of this heinous crime at all levels , those who got almost despair , they could now smile when they can see today that they believe one of the most important results of their historic in every sense of the word , and on behalf on all women who spent at the altar of ¡§shame¡¨ This .. On behalf of all those we pay a warm tribute to the forum, and all those involved , and affirm that we are not Partners only in faces of this crime in legal level ,
We also partners in faces it and reason of it in all levels , and partners in building a new beautiful future ,better and more human for our country, our people ,
We are ,in ¡§Syria women observatory¡¨ as in adopting the recommendations of the forum , with out any reservation we affirm that we will work from our place , with all pf our skills , to achieve this recommendation.
And we put all our humble to be completed

Thanks ,thanks for Syrian Commission for Family Affairs , Ministry of justice , Ministry of religious , and for all M. Syera Astora (Head of the Commission) d. Ahmad Hasoun (Mufti of the Republic) , Priest Anton Msaleah ( the piritual Roman Catholic), Mohammad Habash (Member of the people Council), d. Alaa Al-zatary (Secretary of opinion ), Ragheda Al-ahmad (the General Federation of women),d. Tawfeq Al-bootee( the Faculty of Sharia(, d.Sam Dala (Doctor in Law) ,d.Abood Al-saraj (Doctor in Law), d.Jack Al-hakem (Doctor in Law ),d.Farooq Al-bash (Doctor in Law), sheikh Hwain Jarboi(sheikh), sheikh Hwsain Shehada (Maarej Editor ),Mayssa Helyoa (Lawyer),Fares Satoof (Judge), Naser Al-magowt(lawyer), d.Enssaf Hamad (Professor pf Philosophy)

As well as media and thank all those who worked hard computers and perseverance .In Syrian Television in all channels , and F,M radios, Newspaper and Magazines be and still to their works the most influence in this works.
thanks first of all for all citizen which they do all the best for justice for all young man and women we know them or don¡¦t ,which they work and still working to achieve the fancies dream in country deserve his name his history his development and progress in humanity .

Reads the final recommendations of the National Forum on crimes of honor (14-16/10/2008), which held

By Syrian Commission for Family Affairs with tow ministry of religious and home affice , said by doctor faroq al basha doctor in law And a member of the Governing Council Syrian Commission for Family Affairs, And chairman of the drafting committee recommendations in the forum

The name of the god the Merciful

Recommendations of "National Meeting on honor crimes:
Penal Code was issued in 1994 coalition - work on a periodic interest of family affairs.

The Gap reflected not been adapted to many of the texts and facts of a development community and the national cultural and humanitarian during the six decades

In the Renaissance legislative which Syria witnessed and response to Syrian community needs
Led the hopes of some provisions of this law to the disclosure of the need to be solved, those texts to comply with the Constitution and keep pace with development. It is in this specific articles (192) and (548) of the Penal Code.

That has to appropriate the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs and the duty to move to open the subject in all its dimensions. By their duties and functions held SCFA, in collaboration with the Ministries of Justice, religion " National Meeting on honor crimes in 14-16 October 2008
Participated in the activities of religious, academic, intellectual and civil law professors and men of justice and the judiciary

Also attended by a number of members of the People
Successive meetings after the official opening recently and dialogue in the legal, religious and cultural components related to those crimes, has embodied the words that were present and made public briefly

1-Article (548) of the Penal Code violation of key provisions of the Syrian Constitution, threatening national unity in content and undermine the prestige and undermine the logic of state institutions
2-Legal provisions on the face of this crime are not based in its window to the origin of illegal, but is otherwise legitimate origin
3-That the provisions of some of the articles in the Penal Code no longer appropriate to the components of the social and cultural development reached by

4-That the law is the expression of the will embodied in the social contract whereby individuals who embraced the authority vested in criminality and punishment to the State through the elimination as the only way to meet and exclusive right and the payment of the damage.

Based on those facts, and the embodiment of the objectives of the meeting, the participants completed the following recommendations

1-Reformulation of the third paragraph of Article (192) of honorable motivation, which allows a jurisprudence to punish, killing down to the detention of six months or a year at most. The penalty of not less deadly arrest 15

2- amend Article 548 in Penal Code
3-Strengthening the penalty for adultery for men and women on an equal footing, under Articles (473) and (474), and the death assassin set out in Article (476) of the Penal Code
4- Mainstream fatwas forbidding the commission of a crime of the so-called honor crime, with perpetrators of the statement absolving excuse or reason for the light punishment
5- Further work in awareness continued cooperation with the Federal institutions and associations, trade unions and relevant to entrench a culture of equality in the legal status of gender through education, media and religious discourse, and to build a notional observatory to continuation this awareness works

6-Work on a periodic interest of family affairs by the Syrian commission of the family Affairs

7- Mandated body mentioned in search continued on to activate these recommendation and access to the operational level through a comprehensive national plan

8- the establishment of a national forum to enable the protection of the family

May God be with us
Damascus in 16/10/2008

Opening Syria women, (Recommendation of National Meeting on honor crimes yes to the oblation of article 548, yes to amend Article 192! No crimes of honor !)
Translated by Norma Ibrahim

*- Arabic