No sooner had the ink dried recommendations made by “ the National Meeting on honor crimes”, which sparked a wave of optimism about the possibility of Syrian government has recently consider the Syrian women as a citizen , in practice with legal translation and institutional, not just date and statement ! until the Minister of Social Affairs which has over and over expressed its disapproval of raise this issue ,smiled and wondered about how this issue is important and this numbers of victims!

And representatives of culture of killing women by men in name of religion or morals or the like , with statement stuck out of context ,it mention in news transfer by Syrian news agency (SANA) news ,talked about a work of the Ministry of social destruction and unemployment, the long darkness of Syrian civil society ,so that is no longer unbearable !
The news which entitled by” people council discuss the plan of Ministry of social affair … interventions to accelerate the completion of the new labor law and create new job opportunities “ assure that “ the president of people’s council unanimously reaffirmed the reservation made by Decree 330 of the convention on the elimination of all forms discrimination against woman , CEDAW as received” without any further explanation !
In the context where there is no more word in this subject! But in the context of talk about some of details of a meeting with the Minister of “social destruction and unemployment” which was supposed to be a question in every sense ,cause of the history the ministry during the last ten years in distortion the civil society in Syria ,and prohibition association ,and resolve other, and to prevent other licensing ,building her special kingdom by preventing private association to deal with any official institution but an forgiveness form from the office of
Ms. minister ! and repeated statement about that Syria is “ free” of violence against women ! (although it is personally violent) ) through prevention of licensing organization working for women’s issues! And banned for symposia against violence and discrimination! And support for symposia supports violence and discrimination ! and all offices raised the bribes so –called employment offices !
and the violation had taking place in the centers of the Ministry of juvenility of barbarian violence and rapes, and extortion …. In the sight and hearing and protection of the Ministry ! it centers honest workers can not dare to reveal the truth of the matter publicly , for fear of the brutality of the ministry and who left !
Thus!? The people council “confirmed” reservation? Is this true? We doubt so.
We have a lot of evidence put forward some in the context of the article.
However , we will assume that it is indeed the case, as stated in the news.
Let us see what this means “confirmation”.
The first thing it means that it is a confirmation of masculinity that Syrian women are(” incomplete mind and religion”( as common ideals male), the maid and underling of Syrian male , so she can not receive from the council of people “ the legal protection of the rights of women on an equal basis with men and ensure effective protection of women through competent national tribunals and other public institutions in the country ,from any act of discrimination “ as provided in paragraph ( C) of article 2 of the convention against all forms of violence against women( CEDAW) , which Mr .president of the council ,unanimously ( according to news of course),
Agreed to a reservation by the Syrian government ?! this mean ,which expressly ashamed of them said in prepared in SANA, as must have been ashamed of every Syrian individual citizen :the people council supports that women are being “less than a citizen” and therefore it doesn’t deserves the “legal protection of their rights on an equal with men “ and doesn’t deserve also to “ensure effective protection of women”?!
In other word ,the president of people council confirms that”no legal protection for women” it is not only two versions : the protection of women , or no protection for women!
! Since the reservation, that is opposed abstained from the obligation to "protect women", this means that it had agreed and committed itself to "no protection for women"! As the Syrian Constitution provides that the State protect its citizens, both men and women, this means that the breach of the Syrian Constitution at First, violates the principle of the modern state secondly , and fomenting violence third , leading, with the lead to the erosion of state sovereignty! This is apart from that it violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and a series of conventions and protocols which Syria ratified (with or without a reservation), all of them priority status in Syrian laws exercising violence and discrimination against women, the laws themselves defended by the President of the People emphasizing that!
Without hesitation, this mean that the president of the people council ,and the consensus he talked about , agree completely and without reservation o”engaging in any act or practice of discrimination against women” and refuses “ ensure that public authorities and institution act in conformity with” and protection of women! This what paragraph ( d) pf article 2 should mentioned with the performance of state?
So , according to simple rules of the Arabic language learned in school ,like members of the people council ,including its president , the right of every people in Syria to “start” acts and practices of discrimination against women, and assure that authority are not subjective to any legal accountability may pass on discrimination ! with indication refused to ratify the terms of this item! This also violates the constitution and violates the principles of justices and the rule of justice and the social contract and national unity and ……..to the end of the list is ell known.
Also , this means that the president of people council , and with who aggregate with him, assure without any confusion with “ the discrimination against women bay any person ,organization, institution” terms that “confirmed” to the reservation bay calling paragraph (h) of article themselves to “ take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against women by any person , organization or institution “?!
And again and again Mr .president of the people council , and “unanimity” of the people council assure according to the news published in SANA, the total opposition to “cancel all national penal provisions which constitute discrimination against women”?! thus without the need for evidence , the president of the people council and all unanimity , participation with their male killers in the killing of women! And supported under protection of article 548 and article 192 pf the penal code ! and agreed that the suspects are being slaughtered every man women received relatives , supported him in that, and assured him that he would not been only a few months in jail out beyond “ brave hero!” this may be the anchor of “ unanimity” now ,which by strange accidentally , a unanimity was announced in a meeting with women openly called to killing of women ! consider that the right of men being killed women if they see that is right , it is indeed strange that the “confirmation “ so ! in the meeting had nothing to do with the subject ,known widely acknowledged that there had been any meeting devoted to discussion of this topic !

As everyone knows that the government is the body for Syrian Family Affairs had submitted a bill to repeal most of them since 2006, and submitted to the People's Council and the Council of Ministers. The Syrian government said it (does not appear that says Juheina!) To the CEDAW Committee of the United Nations that they are working to repeal the bulk of these reservations (and we do not know what to say, to explain such a "confirmation" from the President of the highest legislative authority in the country)!! But the strange ending when we know that the "combined", according to news reiterate the validity of the word "consensus" which are supporters of the killers of women in the name of Islam, the name of Christianity, and on behalf of the Jewish .. The Most supporters of this barbaric murder had dared to declare that they know, deep inside themselves, not the Constitution nor religion nor a moral value in support of this murder! It seems today that the President of the People council , and some of its members who threatened and vowed at the closing session of the National Forum on crimes of honor, in defense of the male culture that are not only mature blood of Syrian women, the Council wants to involve the whole of this claim and say that the people council of Syria to adopt a law tattooed with Shame on the forehead of each defended by a recognized and practiced by the paper asked! We know well that some of the members of the People's Council and its members publicly expressed their support for the removal of reservations
Some or all! They expressed
their support without reservation the recommendations of the National Forum on crimes of honor, which is the first sign of the government at this level against violence and discrimination against. This contradiction with the report, which says that the emphasis was "unanimously"! Unless Ms. minister had made everyone knows they play in their meetings, threats and intimidation, and circumvent the rotation, so "squeezed" this assertion in one way or another! Although we know well, that the members of the People of the highest hypocrisy to carry the name of religion, or on behalf of virtue, or by any other name, legislation loaded!
But we have not done yet, it indicates "the" President of the Council! That is "confirmation" is to confirm traveled to the President of the Council, and with him the whole, Syrian women were having to shell the boys! Thus it is not something with them! And have no right to give their nationality to their children? Paragraph (2) of Article (9), which was the conservative, says: "States Parties shall grant women equal rights with men with respect to the nationality of their children"! The culture of the jungle continues to maintain that boys are owned exclusively male, and women but to set a sperm of men and make it affordable and given birth and kept .. To have mentioned the survival of his family name! And, of course, have no right to those who have given birth! Even the right to carry nationality, which is a fundamental right of every human being on earth!

Here reported surprising that "consensus"! just in last week , not a year or a century or any other period of time periods that may be lost in memory, Dr.. Mohammad Habash, a member of the people council so far as we know, were not what had withdrawn its membership from it and ten members and other members of a memo last week, a draft resolution to amend the Citizenship Act, so Syrian women have the right to Syrian nationality to their children as men! Or, God knows, that Dr. And those with him were injured, God forbid, Schizophrenia
! Until they filed last week the draft resolution, and participated today in the "unanimity" on the reservation clause exclusively on women's right to grant nationality to their children!
Indeed, the amendment of the Citizenship Act is strongly worked over the years, "the Syrian Women's League," and is the organizational part of the Communist Party) (which has many members of the People, whether they also had to vote "unanimous" then? In this case, the Association has not announced its renunciation of amending the law, abandoning participation in the work for the lifting of the reservations, for the benefit of unanimity? Or that the association goes in and goes in another party?!
In fact we condemn Dr.. Mohammad Habash And his supporters of Syrian women's right to grant nationality to their children, we owe an apology to "deception" in which the major they put us in it that they are supporters of this issue! Or, more likely, we condemn the President of the People council ( every Syrian citizen have all their rights as citizens of the whole will of God and, every citizen is proud with his citizenship ) clear and explicit apology for the "unanimity" that! At the very least, is unlikely in such cases, apologize, "SANA", it quoted a news story but true! Or withdraw it from its silence! Most likely because we do not even want to think that the Syrian people council recognize this major crime

After! He has a "declaration" by the President of the People council in the Syrian law discriminatory, and that members of the People council to pack them handbags and leave immediately to the Council, pursuant to confirm the reservation to the fourth paragraph of Article (15) of the Convention, which states: "States Parties shall accord to men And women the same rights with regard to legislation relating to the movement of persons and the freedom to choose their residence and domicile "! Since the chairman of the Council stressed that the right man in this area do not have the right of women, what women do in the people who come from Damascus ? Aleppo Or homs or latakia ?! Do make sure the President of the people Council or you are losing the beginning of each meeting that every member of the Board members had brought with them a document stating the "consent" guardian "the movement" of the city to Damascus to attend the meetings
,? Or to stay in apartments for members of the People council?! Or her out of Syria to attend the conference?! In this two possibilities: either it is being lost at the beginning of each session to ensure that the "minor rib, incomplete citizenship and humanity" in the People had received "authorization" masculine approve ! Or that he should prevent the President of the People council, and with him the whole, in line with the "stress", any woman to enter parliament without "authorization"!
To be frank, the picture is really beautiful, and reflects the "democratic" genius, and to "respect" for outstanding citizenship rights in the states, say the people council of the President of the people council it is a state where the citizenship of all people are equal before the law! What we want more? The right of every member of the People to attend its meetings, and discussion of the fateful decisions that affect the lives of 20 million female said, and 5 million people (to understand the remainder of citizenship after being omitted from removing the President of the People's Council and his supporters, and to delete those under the age of 18 years), The right to do so if (note: if) received "authorization" from a guardian!!

But more than that, we must say the facts: How can a minister to do its work, and "retire" the men in her office, traveling on the plane and move from one city to another luxury car that may not exist with the other driver, without the permission of the "Crown Order! " How Mrs. Bothena shaaban to do so with barely set foot in the country even left to another country? And the Mrs. Najah al_ataar left their mark on the white anti-culture darkness for a quarter of a century? The sections and hundreds of managers and engineers and doctors .. Who sent by the "government" not sold specialized courses in the area of their work?!
This raises another question, "procedural" 100%: When a woman receives the "authorization" from a guardian to enjoy the "freedom of movement of persons," Is there a certain period of the validity of this authorization? Or certain point? For example: Does the "authorization" to include the movement, duration, history, and what is happening there? Could, for example, to give the "guardian" for permission to open "female " without restrictions or conditions? Or that it would not be acceptable as a circumvention of the "emphasis" on a reservation!
Indeed, this reservation in particular, the authority granted to all or a father or brother or son of the family to prevent his daughter or sister or wife or mother of the study or work in another city, as that: "Freedom of movement and residence"?! Any father to son, once and for the protection of "declaration" that, and that the reservation, forcing his sister to leave the university to return to the home of their relatives? But, since freedom of movement kilometer at unspecified distance, it may prevent them from studying at the basic education if the school were not adjacent to the house

And also: "The people Council," according to the statement above, which we once _kina the third out of hand, supported the rape of children and girl children, by saying his opposition to the second paragraph of Article (16), which says: "do not have a child betrothal or marriage of any impact Legal, and shall take all necessary measures, including legislation, to specify a minimum age for marriage and to make registration of marriages in an official registry compulsory "! If you reject this text says, you say: The child betrothal and marriage legal effect! That is legally acceptable! This means, in colloquial speech, children can engaged and marry and have! This is a flagrant violation of the rights of children, and trafficking in human beings. That child marriage in Syria, as in the rest of the world

as demonstrated numerous investigations and studies, not only to the sale of the girl child and elderly by bloody canine and pockets full of suspicious money! Because science and self-assembly and Health confirmed beyond any doubt that the marriage of a child is devastating for personal parties! As the President of the People, as the bulk of its members, I say with confidence, will not allow their daughters to marry before the age of 18 under any circumstances! Even prior to the completion of university education! Because they know full well that what they seek as hostile to life itself, and they want their daughters to all life! But, of course, to marry a poor mother in the street do not know, Mr. President of the Council, not the shape, daughter of the wealthy Gulf was " pretended youth " at the expense of our girl child! What does it as long as it pays tax "of his pretended "?! As long as it enhanced his claims, including debt, while all it does is use of religion to stabilize his male subjects to?!
These are some of the implications of the "declaration" that! who crammed in a corner of the dead may not be the subject of concern to one! Perhaps with thought of them, probably all sin, that people do not read. Thus can the advocates of killing and violence against women, supporters of the law of the jungle that based on this sentence, of promoting the culture of violence and murder, gone unnoticed! If so,
you know you probably now in Syria as a "modern" than read and interested. And you say: No! Regardless of their qualities and cognomens . no for violation of Syrian right to citizenship, which, miss, do not remain in the State people Council or the people grieve. It would miss only a tribe of male Savages who do what they see as appropriate for manhood ! Males who want to remain "women" to slaves freak and wishes! Maids have to stay!
Seems you are mistaken times this declaration. We accuse frankly that the "consensus" is not available. Contrary to what you pretended . There are at least ten people have a few days ago, contrary to an item in these reservations. There are many others said they contradict or more other items. All announced in the media. Where it is came this "consensus"?!
Indeed, every individual citizen know that the unanimity required to attend all members and members of the Board, which was not available but never at the meetings of the President of the Republic Section!

If, in short, the your birth is dead! And your reply and baht embarrassing and shameful "the recommendations of the National Forum on honor crimes", clearly shows that these recommendations had been hit in killed advocates of killing and violence! Who want to return society to "warmly of the Edo Contort"! "Hyena hot" right! Who are the most of the harm of religions through their claim that God was the killer, and Taunted distinguish between creatures! It even gives the "race", including the right to kill "sex" another act that way it does not like!
Rest assured: We will not stop work to our country and our society, for a country proud of the citizenship of everyone, man or woman. For the future when we will all dark masculine culture and medieval darkness Sultan, who affect in some of us today! Say what you say. But we pledge to work for our sons and daughters live in a society free of violence and discrimination barbaric!
But assure you more: We will spare no effort in providing energy to transform the recommendations of the National Forum on honor crimes into a legal and institutional and cultural stop the brutal killings of Syrian women. Will never stop before all the laws still discriminate against women. We will not relent on the nomination of a spade a spade, and work tirelessly to make this not become a society in which violence and discrimination against women today than the memory, and women and men enjoy equal rights and duties, equal protection and support of the law, the state and society.

By: Bassam AlKadi, 28/10/2008, (Inter is” stuck” in sentence, and out of context : president of the people council assert that Syrian women are not citizens!)
Translated by N.I

available in  Arabic