- In our last editorial we said “…….five important experts’ contracts with Syrian Commission for Family Affair were terminated without any earlier warning and we connected that due to their origin resistance to the Black Project that aims to tear Syria and transform it to an inhuman degraded tribe under the name of religious claims, and we named the termination of these contracts “dismissing’, because when contracts are terminated without any earlier warning and without any justifications, there is no another name for this procedure but “dismissing”.

- We regret that some media had used the word “dismissing” away from its context and without referring to the content of the editorial, and by doing this, it is suggesting as if the five experts had committed a sin and they deserve to be punished by “dismissing”, and that what exactly some sides, which support and contribute this shameful action, tried and trying to prompt in order to protect themselves of what they have done.
The truth, as we mentioned in our editorial, is that there is nothing wrong in the five experts’ work, and everyone certifies their deep experience, patience and faithfulness in doing their job, especially their real belief that the Syrian family deserves more efforts to be cleaned from violence, distinction.
But we have committed a mistake by confusing between the name of [Syrian “Trust” for development] and [Syrian “institution” for development], and the last one “the Syrian institution for development” it is the one which signed the contract with Syrian Commission for Family Affairs to cover those experts’ salaries. Apparently “Syrian Institution for Development” belongs to the world of ghosts; we couldn’t know whose this institution, and who manages it, or where is its location or any other contacts, not even found a word about it in the Syrian media.
Due to this mistake we thought that the “institution’ is the old name for the “Trust”, so we put them as similar words in the same context and at the same level.
Actually the old name for “Trust” is “FIRDOS”, and it adopted its new name “Syrian Trust for Development” due to the Ministry of labor and social affairs’ decree No. 643 dated on 2007, and “FIRDOS” since then became one of the “Trust” projects, and the “Trust” never had the name of “Syrian institution for development” before.
Depending on these facts, we publish this clarification, and we would like to apologize to the “Syrian Trust for development”
and for all its employees, in public, for this mistake and for the disturbance we cause it because of this mistake.

By Bassam Al Kadi, 5/8/2009, (Clarification about the relationship between “The Syrian Trust for Development” and "five experts have been fired from SCFA")

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