Suddenly five experts, who are known as senior experts of the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs(SCFA), found that their contracts have been canceled, almost a month after the annual renewal. That is thought to be due to the pressure held by the prime ministry in response to the failure of the personal law draft after announcing its rejection to the draft, as a result of a strong bottle with Syrian Women Observatory and its partners.

It seems that this new pattern of responses, i.e. eliminating the persons who have a correct vision of the society’s issues, and those who do not want to turn Syria into a religious extreme state. It seems to be a new weapon to be used by the extremists who proved during the past two months, a strong presence within Syria.

It is feared that others would soon be eliminated in different ways. So there will not be anyone in the government can opposite of the fundamentalist, which revealed its real face by launching the personal law draft which was described as Talibani.

Those actions will not calm down or scare those who struggle to make Syria built on the basis of citizenship and human rights; but will step up the struggle to make it clear that Syria is their country and they will never leave it.

by Bassam AlKadi, (Summar: In response to the national campaign against the dark law draft, five experts have been fired from SCFA)

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