"Dardaa" is from a village in Dama which is attached administratively to Idlib's govenorate,who was related in her life to Lattakia.It has passed just somedays since slaughtering the young girl "Dardaa" has been done with one of the most terrible forms of killing in Syria,killing called "Honor crimes" which is protected by the Syrian laws"548-192 articles of Syrian punishments law".

The Syrian goverment protects this law,and insists on ignoring the subject .It also ignores the necessity of deletion the first article ,and banning the second whenever it is used with this kind of killing.This law is also protected by the sexual discrimination's policy,which is supported by a patriarchal culture.The goverment is based on this culture ,and considers that woman isn't a citizen,but she is just a creature whom is under men's authority "Father, husband, brother, or even cousin". Some religious men protect this law and cosider human especially woman as salves to their violent and discriminatory fancies about religion,god,and straightforwardness !

"Finally,she has been slaughtered ...thanks god"!
Like this,village's inhabitants commented when they heard the news of the "death" throughout the loudspeakers of village's mosque!
"Dardaa" is a young girl at the age of 17 years old"born in 1990".She is the eldest of a large family which has many individual.Neither her adolescence interced with those people,nor her life in such a country which allows to its men to kill its women under the title of "honor" which is just an unique infamy , an infamy of killing.

She is a victim of a married man who has a child.He tempted her and convinced her that he would marry her.Then ,he took her by a private car to Damascus.This victim thought that this car will be her key to a promising life out of poverty and undevelopement in which she is living !

But this rapist "since what he has done this male is an utter rape based on deception" wanted to put an end to the problem that he involved himself in it by promosing her of marriage.So,he returned her to the village informing the family about what happened.Her family immediately run to show affection to her in order to make her feel that she is safe till the inducement has done ,and she came back to her house from the house that the rapist has left her in.After that,she went to her family's house that was prepared for this murder by taking the family out of it.The father immediately beated her on her neck with an iron ax which caused to her a seious injury,but she didn't die as her father thought.Then he enfolded her with a bedsheet and threw her in the garden,and went quickly to put himself into police's arms,protected by a barbaian law says that the Syrian male has the right to kill the Syrian female if he "doubt" about her behaviour according to an injustice ,degraded list of values.

The father who killed her and went to the police office,also was a victim of another kind.He was threatened by the larg family especially his brothers,that if he refused to kill her they would boycott him perfectly because he didn't "wash their infamy" !
When the police arrived to where the young girl has been thrown,It was imposed that she has died,but she was still alive.Then the police immeadiately took her to the hospital,but her bleeding was so heavy,so she stayed in the hospital for two days,after that she died leaving an eternal mark of disgrace on the Syrian law's forhead,syrian goverment,and all those who support killing men of women for whatsoever.

SWO, 15/9/2008, (Slaughtering of women is continuing...and our infamy is becoming more serious Killing a young girl in "Dama" at "Idlib" !)
Translated by: Hiba Muhammad