When law and order didn’t exist, people sought their own vengeance by killing their adversaries, murdering those who opposed them or forcing them to flee. In some tribes a man could eat the body of his brother if he was hungry, untroubled by pangs of conscience or fear of rebuke.

Perhaps the first stage of human history, what has been called “collectivism,” deviated from these practices, if we are to believe Rousseau and Marx, when the population was not large and resources were abundant, when woman was the representative of society and kinship derived from her. Woman was not considered land to be plowed by man, nor was man her custodian.
However, as the population increased and the amount of arable land and animals decreased, man began to turn into a wolf against his fellow man. Private property was created, and man ruled because he was physically strongest. Woman became his private property, as the slave-class emerged out of aggression and oppression and force. Then the state monopolized legitimate violence and became responsible for it. The law came to grant men rule and domination and the right to practice every kind of pressure and deprivation on women, and man’s honor became tied to the chastity of woman, making every challenge to this masculinity a challenge to human (or family or tribal) honor. Thus woman left the realm of humanity and was forced into the realm of animals and objects. Since then she has been “bound within the male family”, and this burden still weighs heavily on our souls.
What is even worse is that religion has in its own way reinforced the inferior status of women as a parasitic, emotional, lustful, narrow-minded and intellectually deficient creature; with the inevitable result that she is beaten or killed and repressed from the time she is born until the day she dies. In other words, woman has become one of the possessions of man by divine right and earthly duty!
Thus woman becomes a symbol of shame if she makes a mistake, if she falls in love or is passionate or takes pleasure in life or trembles from it, if she had sex or gotten pregnant or had an abortion or put a condom in her purse, or if she disobeyed the holy commandments or desired independence from her family—in times like this it is the right of man (God the father, the brother, the ruler) to decide her fate as he wills, acting as if were a bloodthirsty animal. Thus, when the knives are sharpened for killing, when a pistol’s ammunition is spent, when the tribe celebrates holy murder and the memory of that purifying ritual, and hold the festival of “impurity” and wash the shame away, they are worshiping the domination of men and the inferiority of women—no more, no less.
The killing of women is a part of the law of the jungle, an expression of our animal side, the part that is leftover from previous ages. And as religion or customs or thought or the state support the inferiority of women, they assert the inferiority of all mankind, and reinforce male domination of property, not the maintenance of “sexual” honor or the protection of society from corruption.
There is no rational human excuse that makes killing necessary, whether ignorance or the culture of blame or deliberate intent or scheming or oppressive law or the perpetuation of male rule.

Ammar Deioub, 13/4/2009, (Honor Crimes or the Laws of Blood-Suckers? )

Translated by: Tyler Golson

source in Arabic..