Before more than a year, we made a national dialogue about Syrian organizations law escorting to a serious work, which many civil organizations made, also governmental sides and the first of them is Syrian commission for family affairs.
That conversation, which obliges some opposition, especially work and social affairs, to contribute in it, until if in obstructing ways -that conversation summarized:

1- Modern democratic society cannot be without modern and democratic organization law.
2- Civil society in Syria is not just in a confidence situation, but also has the ability to do all its tasks.
3- No country in the world can do its civil society and its associations however its economic capacity and desire.
4- Work and social affairs ministry conflict strongly modern and democratic organizations law.

Dr. Diala Alhaj Aref expressed clearly, her supporting to strict associations law "to protect our country inside, and the Erob outside from terrorism!"

Now, in an exciting conversation; our companion Ferial Zahra made with the minister of work and social affairs; Tishrien newspaper propagated it in 8\1\2007.
The minister assured again her deceive support against any democratic and modern law, and against civil society and its organizations contributing in discover its passivity and work to develop it.
According to that, she prevents dealing with Syrian women league, which works in Syria from more than half century.

Through conversation:

1) When our companion Zahra asked if the new organization law will be exist in the next yea; the minister avoided clear answer saying:" you know that I have not the decision alone".

These governmental sides dread the true of public conversation about associations and commissions law, because this dialogue, as the situation saw us, will discover that the draft law is not except superficial and formally amendment of current law. Changing will not passed the formal easiness in executive papers, and will not among any real step towards independence to these associations, away from ministry custody.

2) Custody is the ministry misgiving with some other governmental sides.

3) With our respect to all other countries, actives, activities and expert in many domains: it is a shameful thing to ask external experts from Jordan, Egypt…etc. until now in each lecture or training...! While women and men in Syria disappeared who spent their life in social works in its variable domains for their ability to develop their works and accumulate their practicing. It is not for lack in them, but because law belongs to other centuries, and to ministry put in front of her to make everything (every breath) be with her accepting.

4) I did not find anybody show me a country decided in it that is no regular association can do any cooperation with any another governmental side in the same country without accepting from "social and work affairs ministry"!.

In addition, because of Dr. Diala Alhaj Aref has not any example! Moreover, knows very well that refusing is not finding except due to the relationship between accepting and stamps.

5) The minister and ministry refused giving license to Syrian commission for family affairs because of Syrian women league, which is not an association, but it is a section from Syrian communize faction. Moreover, associations' law says of have not the right to the organization to be exists if it has political or religious aims, and that is not just in our law but also in all around the world laws; as minister said.
Firstly, that is not correct, in Syria, we have many organizations in religious aims, and the minister knows very well (as the others), those are legal associations. In Euro, countries can allow organization with political aims and work in peace items.
Secondly, association law does not say that it must not relate to any governmental faction.

Thirdly, all know that Syrian women league has not political or religious aims, but just in women affairs as special, and family as general.

6) The last thing, which we will reply on this theme, is the minister's answer about the question, which relates with Syrian women team, she answered: firstly I do not hear about "Syrian women team"'s name. However, the minister heard about this team and knew very well. In addition, she knows very well that she does not accept in any way of this team existing.

Finally, we really hopped that what is happen of developing in Syria social movement in last years, especially active and develop organizations side, will be positive in total cancel to this current organization law "the worst one", and consult to every monopolistic and custody mind practiced today towards these associations…but this conversations frustrate our hope.

We hopped responsible persons know that the democratic and modern organization law will not become assistant just to this society with its associations, but also to them, if they think the "nation serve" is as a responsibility not as an excellent; but the matter is not like that according to some of them at least.

It is clear too that the work and social affairs ministry with another side are still thinking of its capability in stopping time, after its failure in return it back.

Bassam Alkadi, Supervisor, (Some replies to the minister of work and social affairs)
Translate by: Rola Abdoush

Exclusive: SWO (2/2007)