That is a coming woman, from one of Syrian countries, could not perseverance more, and when she found a chair in one of our government offices sat and cried in a loud voice, which made many employees be around her. The employees who were drink tea, or put Matte, or flip pages in a routine way without meaning, as if her voice and crying were as a warning bell, return them once again making them remember their routine life, and press on their renew blooded wounds.

She came from Homs to Damascus for this job, to put an employment request for her daughter who graduated from Literature University. Therefore, she talked to us about her special suffering (who every body knows and suffers the same).
She said, "I came here to put an employment request for my daughter because she can not come here, I know here someone knows the minister so I can meet him", with her deep crying continued her speech: "what I must do? All my sons and daughters graduated from universities and stay at home without work. My tow sons have engineering degrees and take their daily pocket money (10 Syrian pounds), take a notice! those young learning men ask for just the ten pounds. They search many times for a work without hope, until if they find a porter job they will accept to have money"
"What this chance in life, if they do not take university degrees is better to them of this bad situation"
She said with crying: "they put requests in a social and work affairs, but they want employees without secondary school"
"According to their sisters the matter is not better, their universities degree did not give them except worry. The job chances in our country are very little, so if they do not find a governmental work so it is no hope. Now the most important thing is making my daughter work to help me, their father is dead from a long time and all responsibilities on me alone, I cannot bear more. They have a right to work, have not they?"
Nobody could answer her due to his or her deep pain, they are working, and every one of them has engineering or law degrees or….but as if they are not working. The work is routine, has not meaning any body knows reading and writing can do this job.
Therefore, they ask themselves: Is it the job, which we have hoped? Is it the future, which we hurry up to it? Is this young who elders deplore on it? To make them discover that they are also have not work. This work is not except convince valid, slight salaries and works, which have not any meaning, it is a blooded thing to the soul and to the knowledge, which they make efforts to reach it.
This is the story of most Syrian young, reality between valid and invalid unemployment to stay the increasing problem, the people are increasing with their demands. Approaching governmental jobs is more due to the little projects and the carelessness is clear to the other sectors. In addition, the learning curriculum is unable to rehabilitation ability groups to work in any condition.
It is bad planning, and neglecting to important groups. Who is the responsible? This is the question, which how many times search its answer, and get away from it?

Rahada Abdoush, 5/2/2007, (Syrian young, between valid and invalids unemployment, is waiting their chance)
Translate by: Rola Abdoush