A warm greeting from the heart of a mother burnt over her disability to give her nationality to her children. I was married to an Egyptian man and we had two kids. We were separated in 1972 and my children stayed with me in Syria. They were born here, and they studied and graduated from college in Syria too. But because of the lack of their work rights they had to travel to the gulf to get a job.

But why should we suffer because of the distance?
During the past years I've gone through so much trying to raise them, and feed their tiny mouths. and when they grew up they had to travel away from me! Is it fair that in the time of my need I can't see them but once a year during their vacation after I've spent my whole life trying to give them everything they need?!
And for your information they are married to Syrian nationalized women and have children too!
Please help me.. I'm waiting for your answer and praying to god that you'll respond soon.
In Egypt they have already give the Egyptian nationality for the children of Egyptian women married to foreign men. and there we are Syrian mothers waiting! and hoping that the ease will come soon.
Eventually I have nothing but my tears running down my face as I write this letter, crying over my kids and their children who were treated with injustice without a fault.
Please respond to my email.

Dima Alhalak, 5/3/2007, (Why should me and my kids suffer from the law of nationality?)
Translated by: Areej Shmaies.