"Achieving high rates of economic growth and equal distribution of the national income and the social productive wealth will lead to some kind of economic balance between social ranks, including women, which ensures a minimum social justice and affecting the women ".

These were some of the results reached by Ayham Asad (researcher and journalist) at the symposium held by Syrian women Observatory in cooperation with the Syriac Orthodox Forum in Homs, 26/3/2008.

in the context of "the economic enabling of women as input to social enabling ", Mr. Asad said that the separation of the women problems of from the rest of the political, economic, social and religious problems is some kind of circumventing and rallying around those problems, and an attempt to isolate them from Social structure and to consider them as separated problems and not linked to other problems.

Also, he discussed various aspects of the development and its relationship with the women issue based on the fundamental right of women as citizen, and the various economic policies and its linkages with the empowerment and marginalization.

The lecture of Mr. Ayham Asad was followed by debate and questions about the legal and social reality of Syrian women and its relationship with the economic enabling. Depriving women from inheritance was discussed as one of the methods of depriving women from their right to economic enabling.

By: Ayham Asad, 10/5/2008, (Economic Enabling of Women An Essential process in the Heart of Social Enabling)
Translated by Angela Shoufi