Again, Eng Nabil Debs, Deputy Minister of Information, there was no justification at all to fear from this law, it does not "limit the freedoms" of Electronic Publishing, but only will be organized and assisted more attendance on the Internet, and he described the Syrian Information media as " Too lean. "

But in the morning of 25/4/2010,on the Syrian television, did not leave the land itself, which all the officials of the Ministries of Information and Communications stands on, when have we ever talk on the subject: full camouflage, playing with words and to circumvent the explicit formulas! And therefore, we can not draw any conclusion about what they have said for years in different points about this project!
It will be able to provide "responsible freedom", will not limit the "freedoms",will safe "the security of personal data and information"
And it would not require "a license", and …..In fact, all of the sentences have no meaning,unless it says really what are the formulas that they use in the context of the law of the project.
The simple question is : why you do not publish the draft of the, before it becomes a full project,and go where people have no role ( the governmental channels to pass the law ), if you are really honest that the project of the law really do not intend to eliminate the space of freedom available on the internet ? and if you are also honest that the planned law is not a " legal instrument " to make the web sites kneel down and submit to the authority of the government which proved really the " media" that it want to make when it closed all the media before the discussion of the black Talbani law was made to coup against the state and community in Syria, and to provide with a group of basics for the mini communities ( sects) ?
We are not those people who have phobia of the law . I t is really an allegation . It is clear that a staff like " Syrian Women Observatory ",we will not only welcome,but also we will " make a clamor " for the Syrian law that fights the crime through the internet, Especially crimes related to trading in human beings, Sexual exploitation of women,children and persons with disabilities, And other things that are no longer a matter of debate in the world .
But you know, and we also know that this is not the goal or core the mentioned project ! but its goal and core is to make the Syrian sites " under control "!It means that it should accomplished the slang expressions that have already been introduced and published about " the positive media " ! And for Syrian government, the positive media is the media that claps the hands for it and calls for filling up the hole that should have been filled up many years ago, and this act has been considered as a " national achievement " ! And it totally refrains from criticizing the government and revealing its deficiencies and defects, but sometimes its completely opposed work against the society ( for example : some of the new subjects for the new labor law ! ) . the planned law will not be against violence .
Otherwise, all the governmental sites that really work to spread and devote the culture of violence in every area will be closed ! And it will not be supporting for Citizenship and Discrimination, the government that issued the law is itself the government that enact the law of personal status that is based on Sectarianism and discrimination, and allows killing in the name of honor, and allows so many violation acts against women 's rights as citizens, and children's rights….It will not support the transparency, because the government itself Determine the employee, and Carried out its threats .If he says just one word to the journalist without permission of his minister, and maybe his Chairman of the Council of Ministers ! And will not support the scientific research, because the government itself issued a strange and surprising law, of preventing any one,if a person or a group, from making any kind of searches and investigations only with the agreement of the " the central Bureau of Statistics ! this means with the agreement of the government ! and "….."
And will not ………………………and will not ………….
And exactly it is against all of that . Like what happened with the law of printing, and still happen, against all of that .The law of printing is really as they have said about it, a law for putting the paper's publishing, under the governmental power .It Succeeded in doing so as we see daily!
We say again : Trust is not generated from the nothing . And can not continue just with the good wills .
If you are honest with what you say about this project that it is to support the electronic publishing,not to kneeling it and destroying everything that disobey, please publish it publicly,from your innumerable websites,like Sana, Participatory Syria, Site of the Ministry of Information,the site of the Ministry of Communications, Site General Authority for Radio and Television…..
It is obvious that the " phobia " of the electronic media is from you not from us. You are afraid from putting the draft of the project in front of people before it becomes a sword that cuts people's heads,because you probably know well ( from the false democracy side ) what you are planning for . And saying that there are " some of the owners of the web sites " in the committee,is just like putting dust in the eyes .( At least), all the followers know who you select to be " participants " ! of course,they are those who defend that law since they have the care of " high care" of advertisements, and the news that pass under the table, and……
Therefore, we are really sorry to say that the meeting with the assistant of the minister of information, Mr. Nabil Al – Dibs, did not add anything new other than we heard for many years .Therefore ; it did not change anything of our clear and frank opinion: we deny any law for the electronic publishing, and it will have no meaning for us .But,we will work against it . Any law that has any kind of narrowing on the electronic publishing exceeds Commercial Operations and the dissemination of sexual materials ( the porn only ) .
The law is rejected . we reiterate the call for all the web sites to reject it today and tomorrow . And we also remind you with the aphorism which is still realistic that says :I ate when the white bull ate .
In what we have mentioned, as in the discussion with Mr. Nabil Al – Dibs in the exhibition o the web sites,they Made reference to the " Yellow Sites " or " MSENEEN" . And we repeat what we have said in the exhibition: please say the names of that web sites ! Especially : please define the " Yellow Press" and the " the Abuse " . There is nothing wrong to re-invent the wheel this time Since this wheel has become indented, it will destroy us without mercy !

SWO, (Law of Electronic Media: Why not publish a draft that you are truthful?


source in Arabic..

SWO (1/5/2010)