There is no longer any doubt that there are evil minds working to drag Syria into the mire of sectarian emirates, where anyone dreaming of his own personal realm of war or religious dominion or glittering pleasure palace can crown himself king of kings, sheikh of sheikhs, and God's shadow on earth!

Nothing suits them better than to work in the shadows, in a so-called "secret" committee formed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Syria order number 2437 of July 6 2007, and then to emerge publicly with the so-named "new Personal Status Draft Law" whose true nature is the "Draft Law for the Destruction of the Modern State and the Fomentation of Sectarian Strife and Degradation of Women and Rape of Young Girls", by totally abolishing the concept of citizenship and replacing male and female citizens with concepts of "male" as "marriage contractor", "female" as "marriage contractee", and sect (Muslim Sunni, Maliki, Hanafi; Shi'a, Alawi, Druze; Christian Catholic, Protestant; Jew)!
They know very well that passing this kind of law would be a prelude to the destruction of Syria from the inside, which is its true goal, and which will pave the way for wide-ranging foreign interventions like we've seen in other regions of the world. And it will allow these foreign powers to achieve their sick visions of dominating a dead society no longer able to see the truth. Just as they know that the passage of this law will mean one thing and one thing only: more wives, more slave girls and servants to satisfy their sexual desires; more men of broken will forced to work day and night to feed their children, then pay the tithe and donate as their religion orders them, under the impression that they are helping the poor while in reality their wealth goes to fill the coffers of their feudal religious lords decked in gold, and the pompous and profligate who turn their homes into villas and plantations and turn their servants' homes into luxury palaces for themselves, further feeding off the sweat and labor of the people.
This draft law totally contradicts the Syrian constitution and the Syrian government's obligations towards treaties it has signed, including the World Declaration for Human Rights, CEDAW, the Convention for Children's Rights, and a number of other related treaties and conventions. It also contravenes the tenets of Islamic Law (on whose behalf those dreaming of an Emirate claim to speak), along with all of the tenets of Christianity and Judaism no matter what their name or origin.
This draft law allows the religious feudal lords, yearning to sell the keys to heaven as they did in the European Dark Ages, to turn Syrian women into servants and slave girls to service the sexual and physical appetites of men. It makes her totally powerless, unable to do a thing without the consent of her master! It gives men the power to take additional wives again and again regardless of her wishes, and allows him to do with her what he will so long as he pays up front the price of his pleasure, "the dowry". Any man with any shred of manhood, any man proud of his family would reject this. He would refuse to sink to the level of an animal, to accept their myths about "female enchantment" and "seduction" and "machinations" which aim at depriving him of his confidence and capability and reason.
This draft law legitimizes violence against children in the name of "discipline" and legitimizes the rape of girls in the name of "physical maturity". It turns children into a "commodity" in the market of sectarian conflict which is led by those seeking to fill their pockets and to increase their religious power, smashing headlong through all our cherished values of tolerance and charity and partnership which all religions sought before they were distorted by a throng of beards and turbans.
This draft law allows any of them, especially those sick ones, to divorce any husband and wife under the pretext of "apostasy"! Not only that, but it encourages them to pursue such divorce suits by making them free of charge.
This draft law considers male and female citizens legally bound to other religions as subordinate entities who must submit to the chauvinist and racist conceptions of those who laid out the law.
And last but not least, this draft law opens wide the door for the "right" of any ideological group no matter its size or sectarian nature to demand its own special laws!
All of this would mean that Syria is torn apart in the most vile way, making it easy prey for the Emirs of Immorality and all those greedy ones of the country, all engaged in the single task of dividing Syria and destroying it.
Thus, this draft law is completely unacceptable to every male or female citizen in Syria capable of seeing their way out of the dark tunnel of those turbaned ones, who claim to be defending Islam while in fact making of it a racist, violent religion uninterested in anything save the satisfaction of their own twisted desires.
We announce our total rejection of this draft law in its entirety and demand its immediate abolishment without any attempts at evasion in the name of "amendments". This draft law is fundamentally un-amendable, and any such amendments would only continue the conspiracy after adding a few deceitful and misleading embellishments.
Just as we also reject totally and completely any attempt at sectarian pandering at the expense of the men and women and children of Syria.
We raise our call clearly and openly about the necessity of designating the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs, in cooperation with the General Women's Union and with the public and official participation of all of those organizations active in women and children issues in Syria, to prepare a new draft law solely on the basis of citizenship and human rights, so that this new law will apply equally to all, no matter their religious or ideological affiliation, in matters related to Personal Status.
And we call to you, men and women, all together and without exception, to raise your voices against this racist and sectarian and discriminatory draft law, to do what you can to abolish this law, using any means available to you, without worrying about a pre-conceived plan.
We at "Syrian Women Observatory" are sending out this call but it is not ours alone, nor does it belong to any individual or organization.
You can consider it your calling, and pursue it as you see fit in order to abolish this immoral draft law and save our country and our future, threatened by the machinations of a secret council sated only by death.
Translate this message into all the languages of the world, send it to all of your friends, to your male and female colleagues, to your boss and employees at work. Post it on every internet site, in every newspaper and on the radio and television. Do not take part in this historic crime by being silent, do not let those possessed by evil forces destroy our lives and the future of our sons and daughters. Do not let their sick minds manipulate us.
This is our responsibility to our country, to ourselves, to our beliefs and to history.
And remember: we are the true victims of this conspiracy! We the men, women, and children of Syria.

Bassam AlKadi, 14/6/2009, (A declaration: launching the National Campaign to Abolish the Draft Law of Sectarianism, Violence, Discrimination)

Translated by Tyler Golson

source in Arabic..