The conspiracy continues… the project of dividing Syria and inciting sectarian Fitna, despising women, raping girls and divorcing couples under the pretext of Hisba (when accusing the husband or the wife of being infidel or apostasy) is still going on. This is the darkest truth of this day.

I am becoming speechless… It is pity that we have been stabbed in the face, that our optimism has been kidnapped by this conspiracy that aims only to divide Syria. It is becoming clear now that the obscurant thinking embodied in the "secret" committee is not the only conniver in this project, the other conniver is the Presidency of the Council of Ministers that has just declared in a session in the People's Assembly held on Tuesday 30th of June 2009 (which president announced just yesterday that the draft has been frozen) its endorsement to the conspiracy called "Personal Status Law". The Presidency of the Council of Ministers declared that it is still working on the draft as a valid project.

So, the conspiracy continues in collaboration with the parties of the national and progressive front who kept silent and the other parties, (with the exception of the Communist Party "Faisal division" and the National Syrian Party) through their silence against the project that legitimizes raping women and girls and drags Syria back to the jungle law. It seems that the concepts they defend like justice, freedom, democracy and social struggle are not in contradiction with the ugliest profanation to the human rights in the modern history of Syria.

All the organizations that claim defending "human rights" are more or less acting in the rule of a criminal when they fail to utter a single condemnation to this conspiracy, while they speak and speak weirdly every time a person speaks about politics. They are busy attending conferences and trying to have a baseless glory. Among these organizations are: the National Organization for Human Right in Syria, Syrian Human Rights Organization (Swasiah), Committees for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria, and the other "Kurdish" organizations, who never spoke a single word about this issue as if they suddenly extinct.

The same goes for all the editors in chief of the Syrian publications that prohibit the people of the media from writing against this nation-wide scandal (including those newspapers that allowed a single or a couple of articles to be published before closing their black doors: Baath, Tishreen, Thawra, Al-Watan, Baladna, Saleb wa Moujeb, Sawt el Shaab…..), and the websites that did exactly like these yellow newspapers and showed its read face to the world: Syria News, Sham Press, Al-Jamal,…)

Its is so difficult to find words that matches our feelings now. That is why we will convey what we think as clearly and bluntly as the conspiracy was coined.

Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Naji al-Otari announced that his presidency (that called for the formation of the secret committee and sponsored its working throughout 2 years) that it is still endorsing the project of abolishing the Syrian constitution, establishing sectarian mini-states, enslaving women, legitimizing violence and raping girls, legitimizing religious racism in a clearest ways possible. This proofs that all statements of the president of People's Assembly of freezing the draft law was only a trick and a trap that even ourselves were driven to.

From now on, the Syrian Cabinet is fully and directly responsible for the working of the secret committee that drafted this conspiracy, and responsible for the ideology of Taliban in which it was coined. It is responsible for the sectarian dress each article was given. It is responsible for all the violence, discrimination accepted in the draft that makes Syrian woman a beast for sexual ecstasy and delivering children.

Mr. Al-Otri said exactly according the Syrian Arab News Agency – SANA: "Concerning what has been raised about the Personal Status Draft Law, Al-Otri said that the idea of amending the current law has been raised three years ago in the framework of a comprehensive plan to amend and modernize numerous laws so they match this period. Mr. Otri mentioned that the Ministry of Justice formed specialized teams to make a working paper about the amendments that should be made to the current law, and that these teams has accomplished its mission by achieving an initial vision for the amendments."

"Mr. Otri Added that the draft law is still a working paper and has not been delivered yet to the cabinet and that that the final draft would be presented to the People's Assembly so it could be discussed and ratified after all the parties concerned present their viewpoints."

This needs no comment.
That is why we will round up directly what we think: We reject this draft altogether.
The Syrian cabinet is fully responsible for this dangerous conspiracy.
We will not allow the obscurant sectarian ideology "in the name of Islam" to divide our society to Muslims, adherents of a revealed religion and Jews…! " to divide our society to Sunna, Shiaa, Druze,…. We will not allow our women and children to be slaves to the religious lords whoever are they and whatsoever tools they have and whatsoever the price we may pay.

The Socialist Arab Baath Party which is the leading party in the society and the state according to Article 8 of the Syria Constitution that says: "The leading party in the society and the state is the Socialist Arab Baath Party. It leads a patriotic and progressive front seeking to unify the resources of the people's masses and place them at the service of the Arab nation's goals", this party should be clearly understand that this sectarian divisive draft contradicts in every article even with the constitution of the Baath Party which Mr. Otri is member of its national leadership since 2003.

This party should choose between religious sectarian mini -tates and enslaving women and raping children, and between the principles of the party and the basics mentioned in its constitution.

It should be clear that from now on, all your manipulations and maneuvers to amend or freeze the sectarian inciting nature of this black draft are refused, once and for all.

We will work and work and try whatever we can and whatsoever tools available to unleash and abort this conspiracy and make every conniver accountable to his/her deeds.

Our dream will continue of a modern Syria, not a Taliban Syria. Our county is ours and not theirs.

Bassam AlKadi, 1/7/2009, (Black apology from the people of Syria: the Presidency of the Council of Ministers still endorses the new Personal Status Draft Law)

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