Insists some news agencies and the media, such as Reuters, BBC, CNN .. To divide our country in their own language sectarian dirty that they do not remember it unless they talk about our countries, as if they see us  sectarians and degenerates only , and as it is known well  their language is part and parcel from the degeneration of the idea in real terms about this region, and desires and objectives to devote concepts distorted facts about us, and about our lives.
Therefore, these agencies are using every day, phrases such as: "Sunni mosque," "the Druze," " the Alawi village", "Christian Street" .. Creativity does not flinch from the report after report for the division of Syria to the communities and minorities and majorities ..
And despite the number of Syrians who clear this messages to these channels,and  some of them directly through their programs, but they continue ignoring the fact that peoples in this region, are wanting and dreaming of citizenship, and they reject these descriptions about  themselves as rejects from other ..
Therefore, we strongly condemn these media, and call on everyone to boycott them unless they explicitly apologize for their language, and stop use it entirely.. Which is not likely to do in it.
  so we invite all who can to translate this article to foreign language , and drown this idea in all the newspapers and websites in all languages in the world, to deliver a strongly-worded protest letter condemning the media by name, and demanding an apology and make them stop .
Media that  do these methods can not be "innocent."  because this media use this language only when they are talking about this region of the world !.
Editorial Syrian Women Observatory, (to declare our condemnation of all of the news agencies which adopt the language of sectarian dirty)

Exclusive: Syrian Women Observatory